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Billionex World is a “Multi Stream Revenue Sharing Opportunity” – a very powerful program to enable everyone on e-commerce platform. 

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We focus on Web Advertising, digital and physical products, training, social media marketing, trading platform for forex and cryptocurrencies. We are working towards the development of a digital payment processor – our cryptocurrency called Billionex Coin. 

The products are so designed the associate can use the products for themselves as well create a Marketing Team reporting to him/her and build the sales volume by word of mouth. Our attempt has been to be as close as possible to the user friendly products and services, but as they say, there is always room at the top, and true to our spirit, we shall always strive to improve our services and products, further. 

It is not compulsory to become a reseller / distributor, anyone can just be part of this business by just buying and using the products and services too. 

 Following is the Business Model, which is besides the range of products and services provided. 

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  • Our revenue share distribution takes place once every 24 hours.  
  • We share our revenue on working days (Monday to Friday).  

  • The revenue generated over the weekend goes to Rev Buffer pool which is utilized to augment the external revenue generation process, making the process more stable and sustainable. 

We provide Revenue Share to our customers on the sale of personal products of Billionex World. Further, we are in the process of providing Revenue Share API to different merchants and service providers who agree to share a portion of their profit with our customers and associates. This happens to be the foundation of the Billionex World business model. The Revenue Share Bonus will empower our customers to use it at multiple points – withdrawal for personal use, purchase of Billionex Coin (after launch), purchase of products and services at our e-commerce platforms or our third party merchants. 

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Affiliate Plan 

(primarily based on Dual Group Matched Sales

Our Affiliate Program is highly lucrative and one of the highest paying in the industry. 

The Billionex World Affiliate Program is multi-tier and pays on all sales in your organization based upon dual group bonus. This is a unique feature that provides our partners with a distinct competitive advantage. With multi-level affiliate system, you are not only paid on new clients but you get rewarded for bringing in new affiliates as well. You enjoy commissions from the RSU Turnover brought in by your affiliates as well. This feature further enhances your leveraged referral earnings. It is to be noted that any person can join as an Affiliate for free and get paid Fast Start Bonus. This multi-tier program works very well with multi-level marketing partners. 

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Affiliate Rank  

Basic : Free  

Starter : Personal Purchase of 1 RSU ($10)  

Preferred : Minimum Personal Purchase of 10 RSU ($100)  

Pro : Preferred Affiliate with at least 100 RSUs in 2 group (Min50 RSUs in each group)  

Elite : Pro Affiliate with team business of 2000 RSUs ($20,000) from at least 4 directs groups [Max business counted : 600 RSUs ($6000) from each group]  

Royal Elite : Four Elite Affiliates in four different teams

The commissions generated in the Affiliate Program works as follows: 

Referral Bonus 

All affiliates, inclusive of Basic Affiliates (free), are entitled to a 5% Referral Bonus on the directly referred RSU sales in their team. 

Dual Group Bonus 

Dual group bonus is calculated on matched sales of 10 RSUs in your two groups. Whenever there are 10 RSUs purchased in your group 1 and there is a matching purchase of 10 RSUs in your group 2 you get paid in terms of Dual Group Bonus. The business is calculated every payout cycle that runs daily. 


1. Rank - Preferred Affiliates (Self Purchase =10 RSU or $100) 2. Direct Referral of 10 RSU ($100) in each of your 2 groups. 

Additional sales on either of your group is carried forward to be used for matching with fresh sales in the other group in the forthcoming payout cycles. This ensures that you get paid on every sale in your organization irrespective of timing or depth. DGB is your Team Bonus in the real sense and it incentivizes you to support your business deep. 

Leadership Overriding Bonus 

Affiliate with minimum 50 active RSUs (worth $500) is eligible to earn daily overriding bonus on the Revenue Share Bonus of his Referrals in 3 generations with dynamic compression

 What is more …..

Whenever you build up your sales Team, you position yourself to leverage your affiliate income by multiplying your effort and work with that of your team. Indeed, a great proposition for our affiliates! 

We have attempted to structure a platform to empower the common man, with the most powerful technology, by way of offering websites, blogs, web resident tools, social media engagements, high end trainings, digital courses, tools for personal day to day time and money management, and the list will always ever grow. All such products and services can be accessed from respective back office. Some of the products shall get extended to your mobile phones too, so that you remain empowered even while you are ON THE GO. 

Decision is yours, dreams are yours, how you would like this wonderful bunch of products and services be at your command, and what would you like these to achieve for you? Should you need any assistance or information, please feel free to contact us.

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Best wishes from Team Billionex!