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Billionex World – Revolution in Cryptocurrency

Trying to make money online?

Always ended up with Costly Mistakes?

                                         Tired of Having This Annoying Problem?

  • Millions of people around the world are looking to make money online, and they turn to internet looking for opportunities.
  • Most of what we've learnt about making money is dead wrong. Working for 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life will take you nowhere but to a point where you shall retire with about 40% of the actual money needed for a decent life.
  • Lots of people now realize that there are many ways of making money and it need not be tied up to their job.

With the advent of internet and in an age ruled by Social media the ways of 
life has changed dramatically.


Do a search online for the term 'Make Money Online' and you will end up getting Millions of search results. Now the question is how are you going to figure it all out. Where to go and what to do!

Billionex World has simplified the process of Making Money for the Everyday Person. All you have to do is Follow The System and Make Money Online from day one.

You are one of the lucky few to learn about an opportunity that has been evolving and building over the last one year. It has slowly and steadily made its way to different pockets of the world with word of mouth recommendation of its initial users- the beta testers.
It is said, Your Network is your Networth. Create Your team of Affiliates and fuel its growth with company-enabled Social Media Marketing. We have Social Media Marketing totally integrated into the system. The company has its own blog with regular post and content being uploaded there. Imagine you being able to post those contents on your Facebook and when somebody likes it or clicks the link to take a look at the opportunity and joins it they are automatically tagged to you. How cool is that?
WithBillionex, you can simply Generate Income Online by leveraging technology as well as the power of network marketing and benefitting from economy of scale created by the ever expanding Billionex Community!
We Focus on Amazing Tools, Softwares and have an awesome E-Learning Platform that gets you the best training and courses on variety of subjects like Social Media Marketing, Online Branding, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Blogs, E-commerce, Traffic Generation, Niche Marketing, Basic Courses on generating Free Traffic using You Tube by ranking videos, Auto syndication of contents to Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to generate free traffic.

Adding tremendous value to this whole proposition is our digital payment processor in the form of cryptocurrency – "BixC"


The state of the art technology behind BixC ensures that we have a revolutionary digital currency that is backed by multiple utilities and mass following of thousands of our members acting as the brand ambassador of the cryptocurrency in the evolving ecosystem of BixC.

We have also integrated the Ecommerce in this program so that you can profit from the retail sales that happens in our online store. You share in the Global Profit Pool that allows everyone to profit from the global online sales.

3 Amazing Features of Billionex World to
Simplify Your Success


Global Profit Sharing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Online Integrated Marketing System                                

Training and Support

The money that you will be able to generate out of the program will help you provide not just for your basic needs like food and shelter. In fact, it will empower you to live for your purpose by following your passion and creating true profit and wealth.

What's important that you take action. We have numerous example of people who were massive Action Taker and who took the right action at the right time and created fortune for themselves. Talk about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs for example.


Their Timing was impeccable and they were Action Takers

The Timing for an online business couldn't be more apt. We have put together the missing pieces of the puzzle and all you need is to take action.

Not only that. We provide you with a phenomenal opportunity with a Global Affiliate Program where you can create a network of like-minded people who can identify with your goal and create leverage by capitalizing on the massive scale of operation created as a result of network of like-minded people.
The Global Affiliate Program provides you with life-changing incentives and compensation for referral sales and team business in the form of Revenue Sharing Bonus, Dual Group Bonus (paying you for matched group sales to infinity) and Leadership Overriding Bonus.
If you are looking to make money online the simple way, Billionex World will prove to be the best way forward.

       Billionex World – Revolution in Cryptocurrency"BixC"