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Atomy India


1)👉Atomy is a corporation limited.

2)👉Atomy is a joint venture of the Government of South Korea, under which  KAERI + KOLMAR

👉which works under Ministry of Science and Technology, South Korea

👉Atomy Listed on New York Stock Exchange, Its share price is approximately 13000

👉KAERI Patent  22000 product formulas till date,since 1959

👉It has 11 laboratories 4000
scientists and 1500+ PhD researchers are employed

👉KOLMAR ...Father of Nanotechnology, working in the field of production since 1921
👉High purification technology for manufacturing using ODM & OEM

👉There are more than 500 branded companies  Clients globally.
👉CEO of Atomy - Mr. Han Park Gill Korea's  Fourth Richest Person
👉2006-2009 - Worked only in Korea and became the top company in Korea!
👉Then decided to expand globally.
👉 In Japan No.1 company is Atomy now
👉DSN ranking no. 20 now in only 13 lakh users & working currently now only in 17 countries..
👉Due to ATOMY, more than 1 lakh people became millionaires in 9 years ....
👉World  ISO, FDSI, FICCI, FSSAI, HALAL etc World wide 600 certificates with approval of all
👉Currently successfully working with South Korea in 15 countries namely USA, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Russia etc.
👉2019 - Launched in India, China, Vietnam*
👉Plans to launch in 30+ countries and 1 lakh + products by 2025!

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