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What is Atomy


#ATOMY is an e-shopping mall from KOREA similar to Tokopedia, Lazada, Amazon or Alibaba

#Atomy is #world's_first_Direct_Selling _Online_Retail_Distribution_system offering Basis Necessity Products to mass people to build consumer network across globe and build thier #financialIndependence and #Security/Legacy for thier #3generation to come !

 FACTS supported by accurate DATA show that more and more people around the world are moving to the * ONLINE shopping lifestyle *

 Many world-scale department stores, such as Debenhams, Walmart close hundreds of outlets in various countries.  All of this is the impact of changing global lifestyles from old shopping styles to online shopping.

 According to this Online Transaction data, it can reach billions of rupiah every day.

 ATOMY gives us * OPPORTUNITIES * to be a part and at the same time benefit from * GREAT TRANSACTION FLOW * online shopping models.

 ATOMY provides PRODUK2 daily necessities that are needed at competitive prices with retail outlets where you usually shop.

 ATOMY products are produced by KOLMAR KOREA using the latest TECHNOLOGY owned by KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) which produces products with * guaranteed quality and affordable prices *

 The fact is that if we shop at Tokopedia, Lazada, Alibaba, especially mall, we only become consumers.
 We spend our money and get the product we want ... done !!

 At Atomy, we are not only consumers, but also consumers who are equal to shop owners.

 We are connected with consumers all over the world!  Our supermarket is open online for consumers all over the world!
 Recall that the items from ATOMY are daily necessities that we buy every week / month in supermarkets.

 What is done is only divert "some" of our expenses to shop at ATOMY

 Become a member of ATOMY:
 ● there are no monthly fees
 ● no mandatory shopping
 ● there is no Close Point / Autoship
 ● There is no web maintanance
 ● Money back guarantee
 ● no minimum shopping

 If we and all Team members shop at ATOMY, then we will get PV which will be accumulated into Personal PV and Group PV.  This accumulation of PV will enable us to get * INCOME weekly, PROMOTION and BONUS from ATOMY. *

😄 The old shopping model, only makes us empty the wallet. But if you shop at Atomy ..., Atomy will get you a INCOME that is far greater than your own purchases.

 At Atomy the company pays advertising costs to us and all its members worldwide 24 hours a day. (around the clock)

 At ATOMY don't need to invest, we just need to * change places of shopping * buy daily necessities from conventional shopping to ATOMY.

 Don't just spend money on shopping but get * INCOME * by switching your shopping places to ATOMY.

 ATOMY provides the easiest BUSINESS SYSTEM that guarantees ALL people can succeed!  * Because basically everyone is a CONSUMER. *

 Join ATOMY right now and invite friends / relatives, anyone to join, so that we can start building our Team while waiting for the inauguration of ATOMY INDIA in 2020.

 * Welcome to all professions‍‍, housewives, career men and women, young generation, Millennial generation. *